About Lic. Carlos Corvini

  • Carlos Corvini is an important education systems engineer, who has devoted himself for 25 years to the area of Education Sciences as a mathematician, teacher, school president, researcher, author, lecturer, building designer and marketer. His principles have been probed and tested in real world experiences and in his passage through classrooms, all of which results of great use to those who consult him.

    His passion for creating, his drive and his ease to interpret future trends as well as his innate condition of leading entrepeneur, have conferred him regional and nationwide recognition.

  • In 1992 he founded the Instituto Superior Laplace, in the city of Rosario, Santa Fe Province, Argentina. Currently he is the President of the Institute where several College Level careers are dictated in the areas of Computer and Information Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Biotechnology and Safety and Hygiene in Working Environments. His intellectual participation ranges from the design of the school building to the implementation of syllabi.

He has also founded other educational institutions with various grades of learning from Polymodal Education and Technical-Professional Itineraries down to Kindergarten.

  • His latest work has been the creation of the career Computer and Information Sciences Analyst based on the concept of "customized education". Prior to this he performed the same task with the career Biotechnological Analyst, both tailored for the Instituto Superior Laplace.

  • At the moment he is president of his own consulting company, Carlos Corvini Internacional (CCI), which assists educational institutions, companies, non-profit organizations and government organisms in initiating projects according to their needs. To that effect CCI offers a powerful collection of fundamental experiences encapsulated in special clinics that offer a recipe for growth in the new world of education firms.

  • Carlos Corvini's personal research interests are applied to marketing research in the field of education, drawing on theories and software from Computer and Information Sciences and the development of tools implementing fuzzy sets in the propagation and retrieval of non-numeric information, in the application of knowledge bases and cluster analysis.

  • The main core of his research lies in the interdisciplinary methodologies that contribute to the start up and performance of education systems in schools as well as in companies and in complex problems of multidisciplinary needs through the development of strategic alliances between educational institutions and companies.

  • He has published over 30 academic articles most of them being of technological nature. Among his publications are the following:

- Retrospective Analysis in the Teaching of Technologies
- Information Science in Schools. Alternate Proposals.
- Treatment of Non-Numerical Information
- Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Sets in Information Retrieval
- A Pattern Recognizer for the Automation of a Mathematical System
- Pattern Classifier for Diagnosis
- Cybernetics and Recursion
- Role of Computer Expert Systems in Emergency Room Diagnosis
- Ordinary Differential Equations I and II

  • He has had an outstanding performance in several events: as member of the Executive Committee for the 5th Argentine Congress on Cybernetics, member of the International Advisory Committee for the IEEE, member of the Organizational Committee for the Technological Academic Meetings organized by IBM Argentina SA., and organizer of the Cybernetics Conferences in Rosario.

  • Carlos Corvini graduated as a Mathematician at the National University of Rosario (UNR - Argentina). He initiated his carreer as a researcher with the project "Information Retrieval" related to the Training of Human Resources, sponsored by the Board of Presidents of National Universities (CRUN) and the State Department for Scientific and Technical Matters (S.E.C. y T.), continuing in the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET).

    In several opportunities he officially represented the Exact Sciences and Engineering School (UNR) at different universities in the United States and Canada regarding the treatment of issues related to the field of Computer Science.

    He founded and came in charge of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group within the Cybernetics Department (UNR).

    He taught in the School of Mathematics and dictated the subject Cybernetics for the Engineering careers.
  • Carlos Corvini may be reached through:

Instituto Superior Laplace
Lavalle 575
S2002MNE Rosario, Santa Fe

Email: ccinternacional@corvini.com